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Window Shutters

Window shutters are a fantastic way to control both the light and your privacy, bringing a beautiful twist of elegance, chic or rustic charm to any interior design. The different styles of shutter are so varied that you can achieve both sleek modernism or a vintage warmth with shutters from Starlight Blinds.

Our Range of Window Shutters

Our Sandringham range of window shutters comes in a full variety that allows you to choose between different types of wood, shutter styles (with six different options) and a massive 117 different finishes and colours! If one of those 117 don’t suit, then we have options that will work for every colour scheme with our matching service. You can opt for one of thousands of custom colours: don’t compromise on your shutter. As there is a full range of types of wood, you can find the perfect one for your budget.

We also supply a Vienna range of window shutters. These are manufactured with water-resistant wood, creating waterproof shutters. It means that you can even have shutters in your bathroom without worrying about damaging the material. They make the perfect choice for bathroom windows as they allow light into the room while maintaining your privacy.

Bespoke Shape

Unlike blinds, the wooden material of shutters allows them to be constructed in unique shapes. Just like our made to measure blinds, our shutters are also completely manufactured to your windows’ specifications. If you have a circular window, it can be hard to find a cover that allows you to control the light. Curtains are an option, but you lose the beautiful and unique shape of your window. Shutters provide the perfect solution. They can be made circular, arched, hexagonal or even triangular so work for any room and any window.

Shutter Style

Window shutters are a very versatile form of covering, working in both period and modern homes. The style of your shutter is completely up to you and should be dependant upon the type of window you have and the purpose of your shutter: achieving the balance you want between letting in light and keeping your space private.

When you’re considering shutter styles, it’s important to remember that the wider the slat, the more light that comes in. Wide slats work really well on larger windows and are perfectly suited for a contemporary look.

Door Shutters

While shutters work brilliantly on all kinds of windows, they’re also a great option for patio and bi-fold doors. Because they’re so durable, they work well in busy households too. They provide privacy and allow you to control light, sound and even reduce draughts! Find door shutters with Starlight Blinds.