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Shutters and Blinds Rotherham

A huge variety of high-quality shutters and blinds in Rotherham


Starlight Blinds are experts in shutters and blinds with over twenty years experience in delivering the highest quality window coverings. We have been in operation since 1987 and never wavered in our mission to provide blinds that deliver in functionality, style and customisation.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve only increased our huge range of different blinds and shutters that are available. Our stock is now so extensive that we offer thousands of different colours. Whatever look you want for your home or commercial property in Rotherham, we provide that finishing touch.

Since we first started in the blinds and shutter industry, there have been huge developments in the functionality, properties and range of blinds and shutters. We are members of the BBSA (British Blind and Shutter Association), which helps us to keep up-to-date at all times. We are also advocates of the ‘Make it Safe’ organisation. Since we began working, we’ve always looked to make sure our products comply with the highest safety standards. Loose cords and loops pose a hazard to children, pets and vulnerable people. We ensure that our products are available cordless and safe -- without losing any functionality or ease of use.

Our Range of Blinds and Shutters

The range of blinds available these days is extensive and, at Starlight, we ensure that we stock and supply every option you could require. Not only do we have a full choice of styles, including vertical, roller, venetian and more, but we also offer specialist material that brings further benefits to your home. You can specify what material you want, in what style of blind, and in what colour, giving you maximum choice and satisfaction.

Our shutters are custom made every time. This means that they can be tailored to any shaped window. If you need a shutter for a circular window, hexagonal or anything in between, we provide the perfect solution. As with our extensive range of blinds, our shutters come in multiple colours and varieties. You could have a natural wood look to compliment the soft ambience of your space, a shade of blue to go in your bathroom or a fun and bright yellow for your child’s bedroom. They provide privacy without reducing light.

Thermal and Insulating

We have material for blinds with specialist insulation properties. Blinds aren’t well-known for providing insulation, but there’s no need to sacrifice the environmental and money-saving bonus that having insulation provides simply because you don’t want curtains. This specialist material is available for almost all our styles of blinds. It’s designed to keep the heat from escaping through the windows, which are one the most vulnerable sites of heat loss in your home or office space. They also minimise the amount of cold air that transfers into the room, providing the maximum amount of protection for your home.

This has many benefits, one of which is the improvement of the environmental imprint of your home. By having effective insulation, you can turn down your heating and have it on less often without losing warmth. This reduces the amount of energy that you're using and shrinks your carbon footprint. Not to mention that it saves you money!


Perfect Fit ® Blinds

Starlight Blinds have found that Louvolite Perfect Fit ® is quickly becoming one of Rotherham’s most popular ways to install blinds and window covers. Perfect Fit ® blinds are available throughout our range of different blind styles, including roller, venetian and pleated.

This style means you no longer have free-hanging blinds that catch in the breeze. Instead, the blind is installed to match your window exactly and can be placed in almost any double-glazing window or door. It clears space on your window sills and is even removable to allow easy cleaning.

They are also better for the environment than some options for blinds or shutters as they fit closely and snugly to your window, cutting gaps and spaces. This means Perfect Fit ® provides stronger insulation than pleated, venetian or roller alone. Saving you money and improving your carbon footprint.


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