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Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds come in a huge range of different styles, but all are sized flawlessly to your window. Starlight Blindsperfect fit blinds are tailored-made so each covers your window or door without gaps, strings or loose hanging. Not only can you choose your ideal colour, shade, material and style, with Starlight Blinds, you get this all at the best price.

This style of blind is attractive and modern, and uses the most innovative technology available in the industry today. Its neat fit into your choice of stylish frame creates a look that cannot be beaten for simplicity, aesthetic and practicality. Get the string and cords out of the way, the flapping blind tucked neatly into the frame and create the ideal look for your space.


How it works

Rather than the blind hanging from a single source along the top of your window or door, the perfect fit covering is secured within the window frame. The blind can be pulled up or down while staying within the confines of the frame. It doesn’t hang loose, but sits tidily without being caught in breezes, catching on windowsill ornaments or providing a hiding place for your cat!



Benefits of Perfect Fit

Ventilation and Shade

Due to its innovative mechanism, the blind moves with your window or door as it’s opened or closed. This provides the ultimate control over your ventilation and shade combination.

Easy Installation

Perfect fit blinds don’t just look tidy and clean, they’re clean to install too. There’s no screwing or drilling required, so they don’t leave any damage to your uPVC frame if you decide to change your blinds in the future.

Gap Free

The style of the perfect fit blind eradicates gaps between your blind and window. It can create a blackout effect that stops that square of light that leaks out from the gaps in traditional blinds. Rather than mostly covering a window, perfect fit blinds leave no gaps and ensures your blind does what it’s intended to do.

Enhanced Privacy

The gap-free design enhances your privacy. The blind is fitted top to bottom, preventing space around the blind. There’s no room for light to escape or for people to catch glimpses into your home. You can have complete privacy with any style of this blind.

Child Safe

Starlight Blinds are advocators of the ‘Make it Safe’ campaign. The loose cords of traditional blinds can cause harm to children and vulnerable adults. Perfect fit blinds, on the other hand, provide a safe and easy alternative that doesn’t require loops and rope. They are as easy to use as ever: the blinds are simply pulled or pushed into the required position.

Pet Safe

Not only does the cordless mechanism make the blinds safe for pets, but the blinds also no longer hang freely. This prevents small animals, such as cats, getting behind them. It also leaves the windowsills clutter free with room for ornaments and decorations. Without hiding places for the cat, you don’t have to worry about your furry friend jumping up and knocking your favourite vase from the ledge!

Easy to Clean

Unlike many traditional blinds, perfect fit are easily removed for cleaning with very minimal effort. This makes them simple to wipe clean without the faff of washing heavy curtains or standing on ladders to reach the top of the blind.

Thermal Efficiency of Perfect Fit Blinds

They also boast some of the highest levels of thermal efficiency and insulation. Because they are free from gaps, they minimise draughts that can chill a room and help retain heat during the colder months. They also prevent heat build-up in summer, so are the perfect option for conservatories. You can maximise the thermal efficiency of your perfect fit blinds by selecting an energy efficient and insulating fabric. These fabrics come in a wide range of colours and designs, and you could save up to 15% on your annual fuel bills.


Perfect Fit Blinds: Different Styles

Perfect fit blinds don’t just come in the one style or design, but are made fully custom to you. As we create each blind to your windows’ measurements, you can also select any other requirement, such as fabric type. Not only does this include a full and comprehensive range of colours and patterns, it also includes multiple styles.


You can have a perfect fit blind in pleated, cellular or venetian varieties. No matter what look you want for your space, you can get it — and all the other benefits — with perfect fit blinds.


If you’re looking for a high quality blind, we have a huge range of other blinds available including wooden blinds and vertical blinds. You can achieve your perfect look no matter what your taste.