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Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds from Starlight Blinds are a fantastic alternative to venetian, roller or roman blinds with their own set of unique characteristics and benefits. They bring colour, shade and fresh design to your space while maintaining a subtle and slim look. They’re the perfect window covering for all rooms of the home, including conservatories, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

Pleated blinds are different from other window covering alternatives. While venetian blinds are made of horizontal strips of material, pleated blinds are one piece of fabric. This is concertinaed to create a blind that folds up neatly when not in use, yet effectively covers the window when needed for shade or to control heat. Starlight Blinds offer these in 20mm pleats and cellular options.

Pleated blinds take up less space than many of the alternatives as the fabric is thin. The folds in the pleated design mean that it remains slim whether its rolled down or folded up. It makes these blinds a fantastic option for subtle light control without becoming a statement piece in the room. Because Starlight Blinds tailor make these as custom pleated blinds, you can choose any colour fabric you like to best suit your room. Pale, chalky or subtle-toned options are often the most popular as these match the slim, understated aesthetic of the blind’s design.

We are suppliers of both Intu Pleated Blinds and Perfect Fit. View the full collections below.

Intu Pleated Blinds

Eclipse Intu are manufacturers of different kinds of blinds, including pleated. They have a massive range of colour and pattern options. Supplying this brand of blind means that we can bring you the best and most comprehensive set of options. Whatever colour and pattern of blind you want, you’ll be able to find it.

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are tailored, as the name suggests, to fit your window frame perfectly. They are fitted into the PVC frame without drilling and a free from gaps, cords or loose flapping fabric. It’s a fantastic choice for every home as it is more thermally efficient than standard fittings, safe for pets and children and looks sleek and smart.


Pleated blinds are perfect for dressing windows in order to control heat and summer glare without eradicating light entirely. It makes them the ideal choice for conservatories as you can retain a light space, but minimising overheating that makes the room uncomfortable. They’re also a great choice for bathrooms as you can keep the blind closed to maintain your privacy, while still ensuring the room receives a little natural light.

These blinds can be made with solar protective fabrics to maximise their thermal efficiency. If this is combined with a Perfect Fit fitting, you get blinds that keep the heat in during the winter and out during summer.


If you’re interested in a pleated blind for your home, browse the blind collections and get in touch with Starlight Blinds today. We make custom blinds perfect for you and your requirements.

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