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Child Safety Blinds: Make It Safe

Starlight Blinds are advocates of the Make it Safe campaign, which means that we only stock and supply child safety blinds. The British Blinds and Shutters Association (BBSA) launched this campaign in 2009 to promote the safety of children and vulnerable people in both homes and businesses. We are members of the BBSA and consider the safety of our customers an absolute priority.

Due to the work of the BBSA, all blinds manufactured and sold after February 2014 have to be compliant with BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014. Starlight Blinds ensure that our blinds meet this requirement without exception.

If you have blinds that were made and sold before February 2014, they could pose a risk to any children or vulnerable people who move through your property. Loose cords or chains were previously used to operate blinds, but were hazardous to people and children who could get caught in the loops. If you’re concerned or have questions, we would love to chat with you.

Child safety blinds

Home Safety Blinds

It’s not just parents who need to be aware of the risks associated with older blinds; all varieties of people could have children or vulnerable adults visiting in the future. The loose loops can also pose a risk to pets, such as cats who are likely to jump up onto window sills. It is always worth checking your blinds and ensuring your home is safe and as risk-free as possible.

Public Building Safety Blinds

If you manage a public building, it’s even more vital to consider the safety of your blinds and window coverings. With a large number of different people using your space, it’s important to ensure their safety — as well as protecting yourself from potential liability problems.


How to Make Blinds Child Safe

If you’re not yet ready to replace your current blinds, yet want to improve their safety, you can use safety devices to upgrade them into child safety blinds until you’re ready to get new ones.


Shorten Cords

A simple step to take could be reducing the length of your cords, lifting them out of the reach of children and making it much less likely that children could catch themselves as they run past.


Cleats are a simple way to pull a loose cord to the side and hold it out of the way. They can be screwed into walls and the cord is wrapped around them.

Chain Tensioners

Chain tensioners fasten the cord at the bottom of the hanging, creating a tense cord that doesn’t hang loose. It’s still easy to operate, yet minimises the risk of children catching themselves in the blinds.

Breakaway Devices

An easy-break connector can be retro-fitted to some looped chain situations with roller and roman blinds, so that the loop is broken easily should any strain be placed on it.


Find out more about Make It Safe…

To discover more about how to make your current blinds safer, visit the Make It Safe website. They have informational videos that show you how to fit chain tensioners, cleats and other cord safety devices to make blinds safe. They also have advice on what to look for when buying new child safety blinds.


If you want to upgrade your blinds, get in touch with Starlight Blinds or browse our website to discover your options. We have everything including roller blinds, Perfect Fit and Venetian and each one is guaranteed to comply with the Make It Safe regulations.