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Venetian Blinds

Our made to measure venetian blinds are the epitome of classic blinds and have style, practicality and full customisation options. This classic style provides great light regulation as the horizontal slats can be rotated to let in different amounts of light. With the ability to vary the angle, you get maximum control over your privacy no matter what floor you’re on or what your windows look out across.

The available slat styles, colours and even materials are almost endless. With Starlight Blinds, you can get dynamic colours or pastels, subtle tones or statement designs. As venetian blinds are one of the most popular choices, and have been for ages, you know that you’re getting effective window coverings.

We offer a range of aluminium venetians. These come in 25, 35 and 50mm slat options to get the perfect style for your space.

Made to Measure Venetian Blinds

All our venetian blinds are made to measure so they’ll fit your windows perfectly. There’s no point getting a sub-standard window covering that only half does the job; with Starlight Blinds, excellence is guaranteed.

Perfect Fit Venetians

Perfect fit blinds are a fantastic choice for blinds in all areas of the home. They are not only the ultimate choice in style, with a modern and elegant aesthetic, but the unique fitting system means they’re one of the safest and most practical designs of blind. Rather than hanging loose in front of your window, the blind is fixed into the frame - requiring no drilling or screwing that could damage the PVC.

They are operated cordlessly, making them extra safe for people and pets. Cords can be a hazard particularly for vulnerable people, such as children, as the rope loop can catch on arms or even around the head. With Perfect Fit’s Venetians, however, the cordless system puts an end to injuries.

Intu Blinds

Intu Venetian blinds are another fantastic option for this style of blind. They fit perfectly into the frame on the inside of nearly all modern windows. They even work for glazed doors and tilt and turn windows, so you can get this great style no matter what your window is like. It’s the perfect way to minimise clutter as the blinds are tucked into the window frame, no longer hanging on the window sill, knocking off your decorations or providing space for the cat to hide behind!

Both the fixing brackets and mechanism are hidden from sight as they are secured into the bead, creating a really clean and stylish form of venetian window covering. As there are no gaps, you get maximum control over light and even heat retention. Just like Perfect Fit, Intu venetians don’t require any screwing or drilling and so leave the window frames in the best condition. If you decide to change your style of blind, there’s no damage left behind!


If you are interested in a venetian blind, then get in touch with Starlight Blinds today. We make blinds tailored to your every requirement.


You could also consider some of our other high quality window covering options including pleated, roman or even wooden venetian blinds.