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Starlight Blinds have over twenty years experience in supplying, delivering and fitting blinds to Huddersfield homes and businesses. Since we opened in 1987, we have delivered unwavering high-quality in window coverings and, over the last 20 years, our range of shutters and blinds has only increased.

We now boast eight unique styles of blinds, shutters that are custom built to your window’s shape and thousands of colours and textures. Our blinds are available with many different finishes, such as Perfect Fit® that is cordless and slots around your window.

When you’re ready for a quote, we’ll visit any Huddersfield location completely free. Our quotes are completely no obligation and we will never pressure you into a sale. In fact, we love to work with you as people, helping you in anyway we can. This is why we offer custom blinds, shutters and curtains.

Custom Blinds

We want our customers to be completely happy and satisfied. Not just with the care and help we offer, but, of course, with the blinds or shutters themselves. We never want you to settle for a sub-standard blind, something that doesn’t match your needs or doesn’t suit the colour and style of your room.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, we have an extensive choice! Thousands of colours, dozens of styles, different materials from blackout to thermal… whatever you need, we can provide.

We want you to combine all your requirements into one perfect solution, which we will custom make for you. This gives you ultimate flexibility, ultimate control and the most satisfying finish.

Environmentally Friendly Blinds

Blinds can offer a range of environmentally friendly benefits, reducing your carbon footprint whether you’re a home or business owner. The great thing about being environmentally friendly is that it saves you money too!


Thermal and Insulating

Blinds aren’t necessarily known for being insulators and helping to keep your house warm, but not only do standard blinds provide a level of insulation, we also offer a range of energy saving fabrics. These are specially designed to add insulation, keeping your windows draught free and preventing heat loss through the vulnerable parts of your home.

Reducing heat loss through thermal blinds means that your home is more environmentally friendly. You can turn your heating down because your home warms up more quickly and stays warm for longer. This reduces your carbon footprint, but also saves you money.

Not only do these blinds help to keep your home warm in the winter, but they’re specifically designed to aid cooling in the summer.

We have a range of blinds that are perfect for achieving this balance. Pleated blinds, for example, are great for conservatories as they minimise solar glare. They give you ultimate control over the amount of sunlight entering your room, even a conservatory. They prevent your space from overheating and minimise the amount of energy you have to spend on fans, air conditioning or cooling systems.


Get in touch

If you live in or around Huddersfield and want a blind that suits your room, is custom made and even provides environmental benefits, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can explore our website, browsing the hundreds of different options for blinds or shutters, or you can visit our professional showroom. This is the best place to get a feel for what blind would work best in your space and what qualities you want.

Call 01226 381701, or fill out the form on our contact page and one of our Huddersfield experts will get back to you.