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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a classic window covering that suits all styles of home and all kinds of rooms. A fantastically versatile blind, they are stylish and modern, and won’t look dated no matter how many years you have them for. Starlight Blinds individually manufacture each blind to your specific requirements. Whether it’s water-resistant material for your bathroom, a blackout roller for your bedroom or a modern print design for your living room: we provide the perfect window covering.

Our UK Roller blinds are highly customisable. You get the look that you envision, with no compromises. Minimalistic, glamorous, fun and colourful - we make roller blinds that can create any mood or style in your home, no matter how simple or niche your personal style.


Made to Measure Roller Blinds

Because customer satisfaction is our highest priority, we create blinds that are made to measure, fitting your window perfectly. You get the roller blind that not only suits you regarding design, but also is the most effective. It blocks out light, provides shade and allows you to better control the temperature of your room.

Bespoke Rollers

Our rollers are tailor-made according to your specific requirements. This includes everything from colour and pattern to material and style. You can choose from a massive variety of finishing touches that includes braids, decorative scallops, poles, pulls and eyelets to personalise your blind further.

Energy-saving Material

With our blinds, you can select special energy-saving material that’s carefully woven to help retain heat in the winter and to keep your room cool in the summer. Its enhanced insulating properties reduce the cost of heating, or cooling, your rooms. It makes this blind a fantastic choice for conservatories!

Vision Style Duo

We have a new range of Vision style duo rollers with a unique electric control. These blinds have an incredibly easy-to-use single control that both raises and closes the window covering. It works through a mechanism that is built into the weave of the fabric: the strips of material slide past each other to close or open the blind. It looks like a classic roller, but is a great option for high-up windows or for people who otherwise struggle to use the traditional mechanism. It gives maximum control of light with minimal operational struggle!

It uses a mixture of opaque and translucent fabrics woven together so you can get the perfect level of light, sunshine and privacy in your space. It also means that the blinds have a beautiful striped appearance!

Styles of Roller Blind to Suit You

Our roller blinds are available in a range of styles and brands so you get the perfect one for your space. This includes Soft Rise spring blinds, Senses®,  Perfect Fit® and now OneTouch™ motorised solutions. With Starlight Blinds, luxury is affordable.

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