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Shutters Sheffield

For the best shutters Sheffield has to offer, choose Starlight Blinds. We are a specialist in Sheffield blinds and shutters, providing quality window covers since 1987 -- that’s over thirty years of experience! We only do made to measure shutters to ensure premium quality and an excellent finish every time. Whether it’s for bay windows, your bathroom or a uniquely shaped window, our shutters look stylish in any room. You can get the perfect look for your home or business in Sheffield with us.

We pride ourselves on making sure every customer receives the best blind or shutter without fail. With a dedicated team that love to help at any stage in the process, we deliver the best experience you'll find. Our shutters stand the test of time, look fantastic and work fantastically in homes of all sizes and varieties.

If you’re interested in a premium shutter, simply get in touch! We would love to provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote for brand new shutters. We also have a massive range of other window coverings including our Sheffield roller blinds -- and so much more!

Plantation Shutters


ooden shutters are often referred to as plantation shutters due to their origins. They started being widely used in the southern states of America on large estates that most commonly grew coffee, cotton, sugar or tobacco -- known as plantations.

They were developed here because the hot and humid summers meant that curtains would have been far too stifling! Shutters, on the other hand, provided a fantastic way to control light and privacy, as well as the temperature of the house. You might picture shutters as white -- this is because this is the best colour to reflect sunlight and heat, keeping the house cooler.

Now days, shutters come in a huge range of colours, from natural wood through to brightly painted colours -- we even offer a matching service so your new shutters can be painted to match your interior colour scheme perfectly!

While the Sheffield climate doesn’t require shutters for temperature control (if only!), plantation shutters are now an extremely popular choice in homes in all different environments -- including South Yorkshire. They look beautiful and can be used to work with any aesthetic from rustic to minimal.


Our Sheffield shutters make a fantastic choice for homes of all varieties, no matter what your taste!


  • Provide greater protection from bright and hot sunlight in the summer, as well as winds and cold temperatures in the winter, than many alternative window coverings.
  • Make privacy easy. They can be closed but the slats adjusted to still let in natural light. You don’t have to choose between privacy and light control.
  • Are neat and tidy. As they are fitted to the window, the shutters are more out of the way than curtains and don’t hang loose like blinds.
  • Provide extra security. Shutters are secure windows coverings that can be locked into place. This means that they form an additional security lock over windows.
  • Look stylish. There’s nothing quite like the aesthetic of a plantation shutter. They have a way of bringing out the best in any interior design scheme, whether you want a rustic look or a bright, minimalistic design.

Waterproof Shutters

As well as traditional shutters, we even offer waterproof shutters in our Vienna range. These are suitable for wet environments such as bathrooms or areas that might get splashed, like a window above your kitchen sink.

As our shutters are made for you, they can be customised to any shaped window. If you have a circular, arched or even hexagonal window, we will design your shutter to fit it perfectly and look fantastic.

Sheffield Shutter Experts

Starlight Blinds provide the best shutters Sheffield has available. Made from real wood, expertly painted to your requirements and built to measure, our shutters are premium quality and create a stunning finish.

You can call us on 0800 7310726, drop us an email,, or even pop into our showroom, just a short way from Sheffield: Unit 13 Claycliffe Business Park, Cannon Way, Barugh Green, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 1JU.

Sheffield is a fantastic city with all the benefits of city life — the abundance of things to do, special events, transport links and shopping centres — with the friendliness and feel of a smaller town. It helps that over 60% of Sheffield is within the boundary of the Peak District National Park.

Sheffield is, in fact, one of the greenest cities in the UK. It has a huge abundance of parks and green areas including Western Park, the Peace Gardens, the Winter Gardens and so many more! Shutters are a fantastic way to bring a little bit of the natural environment into the home. Natural wood shutters in Sheffield look fantastic.

Despite being so close to nature, Sheffield is well connected to city life. The train station has plenty of major rail routes going through it making it easy not just to get to other cities in South Yorkshire, but also further afield. You can get to London from Sheffield in just over two hours! You can even cross the pennines easily: Sheffield to Manchester takes just over an hour and Liverpool can be reached in less than two!

Sheffield also has a rich history in the steel works industry — a history that goes back so far that Sheffield knives are even mentioned in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales! However, the air is much cleaner than it once was during the height of the steelworks industry, and the media and art scene is quickly becoming a big influencer in Sheffield’s economy.

Shutters work with this city-aesthetic. While they can look rustic in Sheffield’s countryside homes or cosy terraces, they can also look minimal, clean and stylish when paired with a different interior design. Whether you want to celebrate the natural feel of Sheffield in your home or want to play to the city life, shutters make a fantastic choice!

The team at Starlight Blinds are very friendly and would love to answer any questions you might have about plantation shutters in Sheffield, as well as offer tips or advice. Just get in touch!